I’m Charmaine! Nice to meet you.

I'm an interaction designer – I shape the experiences that people have with screens (or machines). To me, people come first, not technology. I am interested in how people see the world, what they care about, and how technology fits into our lives in a helpful and meaningful way.

Today, I am part of Agency, a human-centred design practice based in Singapore. Understanding people is a really important part of our process – in the last year, I think I've interviewed at least 50 people over various projects!

Previously, I was with the awesome folks at Minitheory. In a past life, I studied computing at NUS... and fell in love with design. I also enjoy drawing in my free time!

My M1

M1 is one of the main telco providers in Singapore, and serves millions of customers. Their previous app allowed customers to self-service, but it was difficult to use.

I led 2 designers on the project, simplified the navigation and made consistent flows for subscribing to services.


ReMetrica, Aon

ReMetrica is a decade-old risk simulation tool used by actuaries worldwide. The team decided to re-build and re-design the software to prepare for the next decade.

I worked in their agile development team, helping with all aspects from the initial user research, design to front-end development. In 2016, the new ReMetrica won Actuarial Post’s Software of the Year award.


Singapore Legal Advice

When you’re looking for a lawyer, you probably don’t want to deal with jargon and wading through lots of text. I helped reorganize the content to help people quickly find what was relevant.

Since the launch, the client saw a +18% increase in queries for lawyers on the site.